Love Acts - Helping Homeless in Tarrant County

Our Mission


In the spirit of 1 John 3:17-18, the mission of Love Acts is to demonstrate love for our brothers and sisters in the homeless community "with actions and in truth" by meeting them at their point of spiritual, physical, and financial need.

We accomplish this purpose in two ways:

  1. By teaching and training Christians to mentor, encourage, and serve those in the homeless community on a one on one basis.
  2. By helping churches and individual Christians connect with other brothers and sisters in the homeless community who desire to live a more abundant life in Christ Jesus, and with those within that community who are lost.

Become a Warrior of Hope with Love Acts!

Homelessness has become a major issue in every large City and many smaller cities across the United States. Disparities in income and cost of housing, transportation, day to day living expenses, substance & alcohol abuse, disability and lack of mental illness care have led to dramatic growth across America in homelessness populations. In addition, the population is growing through catastrophic life events. The growth has outpaced available shelter space and affordable housing in most communities. Once an individual becomes homeless the obstacles back to employment and housing are almost insurmountable to overcome.

Love Acts seeks to encourage and empower fellow outreach volunteers and workers to step into the community to build relationships that lead to meaningful lasting impact and change. We begin by listening, to learn what is needed in order to provide a lifelong solution of self-sustainability. Assistance efforts focus on resource guidance, Christian based recovery groups, personal hygiene, food, mentoring, rehabilitation, housing & home establishment, family reunification, critical document assistance, employment, work clothing, shoes, and transportation. Through actions of love and truth those trapped in homelessness are given opportunities towards a more abundant life in Christ. With God all things are possible!

Luke 10:2 "Jesus told them, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into the harvest field."